Beautiful Face Consultation

Face is the most important presenting part of your body. You face the world with your face! Some individuals have naturally attractive faces, but almost all can be made presentable by cosmetic guidance. Presently so many different technologies are available to help us.

A senior cosmetic surgeon with 35 years’ experience of “Beautifying” can be a very good guide.

At times simple beauty tips work, at times complex procedures may be required. A round face would need different advice than a square or elongated or triangular face. A dry skin will have different implication compared to an oily one. Skin texture and age matter too.

1. Creams and medications:

May go a long way in many individuals who demand small changes in the face. Sunscreen, moisturizers etc. may be important for many.  Many medications may improve the face when food and vitamin deficiencies are corrected by a doctor.

For maintenance of results also cream regimen and some medication may be needed.

2. Lasers:

Non-peeling lasers have proved to be a boon for dull, lusterless, unattractive skin. Glow, evenness of color and brightness may be provided by lasers. Pigmentation also generally benefit with laser sittings. Some birth marks and scars improve too.

Bridal laser is effective way for getting much better skin temporarily.

3. Fillers:

Minor changes in structure of various body parts may be attained by synthetic fillers or autologous fat. Chin, Cheeks, Forehead, Nose, etc. may benefit from it. Synthetic fillers last for 6 to 24 months, while fat may last much longer. Specific use is to combat ageing signs.

4. Unwanted hair removal:

Modern day lasers have done a great job by laser hair removal both in females and males. Upper lips and chin are addressed frequently. Beard shaping is done in males.

5. Hair loss:

May be addressed by medication, oils, re-growth lasers, FDA approved technologies and if needed hair transplantation. Males and females, both are the candidates for it, more commonly males.

6. Superficial muscle paralysing injections

are used to address fine creases caused by ageing. They may provide improvement for months together.

7. Peeling lasers/ Fractional lasers:

Are more invasive procedures needed in Individuals where the problem is bigger. Acne scar, deep pigmentation, ageing creases are generally addressed more efficiently by these procedures, but down time may be longer. Result may be gratifying.

8. Structural changes in face:

Minor structural changes may be offered by fillers, fat injections, fat grafting, minor liposuction etc. Many a times they make a significant change in face structure. Some noses may be improved by medical rhinoplasty(Nose job).

Cheek & Chin dimple may be created to change configuration of whole face.

Major Structural Changes: Reduction of nasal hump, chin implant, face distraction, cartilage grafts and many other procedures may be indicated in selected cases with big change in face. Ears can be modified too.

Remember, a senior cosmetic surgeon may be able to guide you for substantial face improvement, but identity of a person cannot be changed.

The plastic surgeon would evaluate your face in its entirety and suggest you possible improvements. Many lives have been positively changed by an effective guidance.