Face and Neck

Is your neck giving away your age?  Are there too many wrinkles around your eyes speaking your age?  Face Lift, Neck Lift are your solutions then!

It is never a crime to be obsessed with the way we look.  It is not a crime to think that we should look good at all times. But, with passing of time people do tend to age.  Defying age is extremely difficult through natural procedures.  One has to be extremely disciplined and dedicated to look the same even after years have goneby.  But, thanks to the advancements in the medical and cosmetic arena, people do not need to have restraint over their activities.  With some money in hand, they can defy age and still look young even in their sixties.

Surgery can definitely help in defying age.  Sagging neck area can be treated both surgically and with laser.  Bio-facial macro current technology and radio frequency can be used as a part of the non-surgical procedures too.  Both types of treatment are found to have good results.

Face Lift, Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery
Face Lift, Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery

Face lift and eyelid lift can also be done in both the ways…surgically and with the help of lasers.  All those patients who opt for these lifts are found to be around 60 year’s age group and are opting for the laser procedures when compared to the surgical procedures.

If you are one of those who wishes to go in for a lift of the face, eyelid or neck or forehead, do get in touch with Dr. Mehta and learn more about the procedures that are offered there.  In addition, Dr. Mehta also conducts double chin liposuction, nasolabial fold excision that gives desirable results as far as appearance corrections are concerned.

Here is how it works:

Dr. Devesh Mehta is in the field since the past two and a half decades and has successfully conducted a wide range of correction surgeries.  Do get in touch with him to learn more about what can be done to better your appearance!