How Skin Whitening Can Help You Look Beautiful & Confident

How Skin Whitening Can Help You Look Beautiful & Confident

In India and many African countries, there is a craze for fair skin. Everyone wants to become “white”. Nobody accepts “Black is beautiful”.

Till now there was no reliable technology to improve skin complexion. Lasers and allied technologies have changed the whole picture. Laser sittings followed by cream treatment regimen can offer not only one to two shades skin whitening, but more importantly offer GLOW.

Normally face and exposed areas (hands) are addressed with lasers, but back shining can also be offered. Generally, SIX sittings of lasers are offered at the interval of 3 weeks each. The cream treatment regimen that follows is very important. A second laser may be used for individuals demanding skin tightening too.

There is practically no downtime. Even this technology is used as Bridal laser in girls getting married and also for her close friends and family members. An afternoon laser session may make the girl presentable in the evening!

Many girls are rejected by prospective grooms because of dark skin. A dark skin may be made whitish, but more importantly it Glows…. During Navratra festival, back shining can be undertaken by lasers. Really lasers have come as a boon for young people, especially young girls,women and those in early thirties and forties who want to look young and beautiful.