Lips are the most erotic structures on the face. Lips can smile, cry, effuse emotions. Lips can show hate, love, contempt and anger too. Sensuous, beautiful lips are a great asset to the face. An ugly lip can spoil the beauty of an otherwise beautiful face. But lips can be affected in so many ways so that the inherent beauty is lost.

Thick, thin lips can be there from birth. Teeth may show, lips may be too broad or narrow. Lips can be big, small, short, long: all from birth

Lips may be black, grooved in center, present with many creases. Smoker’s lips have a particular appearance.

Lips should speak out the emotions, but some lips are expressionless!

Lips may be cleft from birth, surgery can work wonders in them. Injury can make lips scarred. If not repaired carefully, lip scars can be most disturbing.

Lip Lift, classical bullhorn lip lift can work wonders. Lip reduction surgery may offer dramatic improvement.

Paralyzed lips in facial paralysis can be improved to certain extent.

“Double lip” can be significantly improved. Old lip scars can be revised.

Lasers have a special role in lip creases management, black lips, lip scars and aging lips.

Unwanted lip hair can be addressed by laser hair removal.

Lip cancers need to be reconstructed properly with reconstructive methods including various flaps.

Angle of mouth may be drooping, pulling down. Lip pout may not be good enough. Lip fillers and surgery can change the picture. Full lips with some face types may be the hallmark of beauty.

Kylie Jenner like lips may be possible to attain, though not exactly so.


Fatty pouting cheeks look ugly. It may spoil total facial beauty. The fat collection may be deep to skin OR may be like children buccal fat pad. fat removal of face OR buccal fat pad removal can offer great results.

Empty hollow cheeks drain the beauty of face. Fat fillers and laser procedures can get long lasting results.

Creation of cheek dimple is requested by many individuals, especially young women and girls. Surgery, generally under local anesthesia can give desired dimples.

Aging cheeks may improve with face lift, middle face lifts, laser procedures, fillers, suspension, etc.

Cheek scars may be difficult to improve cosmetically. However, acne and pox marks may greatly improve with lasers, fillers, PRP, subcisions and peeling as necessitated by the condition.