Mommy Makeover

“Mommy make over” mainly includes three procedures for young mothers usually in thirties or at times even in their late twenties.

After finishing early care of one or two kids, the young mother declares that “now the family is over”. When the younger kid is around 4-5 years, she has time to focus on herself, till then she was so busily involved in the multiple activities related to raising the kid/ kids.

She often realizes that she is not what she used to be. Probably, her husband also takes less interest in her and finds her less attractive!

Mainly 3 body areas need to be addressed

  1. Tummy: Loose flabby tummy skin and stretch marks
  2. Hanging small breasts or at times hanging large unshapely breasts and
  3. Dull, lusterless face. An experienced cosmetic surgeon with laser facilities can help address all these three issues. If a woman opts for all 3 procedures, good concession offered.

Young mommies then notice their breasts, the main organ of feminity for most women.

Breasts may become small, hanging and loose. Rarely they become large. Once “feeding the kids” is over, breasts automatically will go down in size, may lose firmness and are not upright.

Breast Implant surgery is the surgery of choice to increase size. Fat grafting and breast lifting procedures may be needed. Surgery generally makes breasts larger in size, lifted and firmer than before.

Rarely breast reduction surgery may be needed.

Breast surgery is one single important surgery that radically changes a women’s outlook about herself and life.

Tummy tuck: (Abdominoplasty)
Generally includes 4 procedures:

  1. Liposuction: Removing Fat
  2. Removing loose hanging extra skin with the incision in hidden bikini area. ( Removing some skin containing stretch marks too )
  3. Giving new position to the navel (umblicus)
  4. Tightening tummy muscles from within if needed.

It is a major operation, but hospital stay is one night. Low risk with modern anesthesia.

Before Tummy tuck

After Tummy tuck and waist plasty

Face Changes After Pregnancy

Pregnancy may cause pigmentation over cheeks and nose, many a times in “butterfly shape”.
Medically it is called “Chloasma” (Melasma without pregnancy).

It may start in early pregnancy or even much later during breast feeding and after.

In many women the face looses luster, becomes dry, skin may become slightly loose and at times freckle like pigments appear. Shining of skin is frequently lost.

Together with Laser sittings, Platelet rich plasma therapy and cream therapy may dramatically change facial configuration. Pigmentation may reduce, shining and luster may come back. Dietary supplements are advised too.

A lot of confidence comes back with facial changes.