White Patch Surgery

Are you a victim of White Patches?  Is it a Hindrance for your Marriage?  Dr. Mehta’s has a Solution!

Leucoderma or white patches is a condition that has found to have a negative effect on the life of a girl, especially of marriageable age.  Presence of these patches has been cited as the main reason for denial of an alliance by the boy.  If you yourself are a victim or know someone who has this problem, and they are worried about it, do spread the word, that it is not the end of the world.

White patch surgeries have started to give a fresh lease of life to such people and they can like all their friends and cousins envisage dreams of getting married to their desired ones.  Leucoderma is considered to be a cutaneous condition wherein there is loss of pigmentation in the skin.  Spots and white patches are extremely common.  However, one should note that this is not at all a contagious condition.  These whit patches may begin off as small but over a period of time spread over the entire body.

There is absolutely good news for these people at Cosmetic Surgery India as Dr. Mehta claims that these patches can be treated with the help of laser abrasion and over-grafting if the patches are stable for some time and not increasing.  Patches present at any part of the body can be tackled easily through these procedures.  Larger the area, probably it would take more time for the treatment.  However smaller areas can be performed by giving local anesthesia without having to get admitted into the hospital.

Dr. Mehta has carved a niche for himself in the field of Cosmetic Surgery and has given a fresh lease of life to numerous people facing cosmetic problems.  These corrective measures have been found to change their life altogether.  Fear not that you have Leucoderma, for a cure is very much close to you!