Unwanted Hair removal/ Reduction

More than 80% of my patients for hair removal are women and girls in their early youth.

“Lasers” is the established treatment modality for hair removal.

Laser Sittings are required for hair reduction. In normal course, 6 to 8 sittings spaced according to rapidity of hair growth are planned.

Black hair is treated more efficiently than light hair.

Thick hair offers better response to lasers. In some cases, touch up sessions may be required later.

Patients having PCOD (Polycystic ovarian disease, also called PCOS) require many more sittings because of hormonal status. There are many patients who are fat and “Polycystic like” and they require more sittings too.

If you book for 6 sittings, you get concession.

Following areas are generally addressed:

Upper Lip


Between brows & Eyebrow Shaping

Neck & Full Face

Beard shaping in males



Underarms, Arms


Bikini Area, Private parts



Forearms and hands

Complications are few. Sun protection is a must.