Miscellaneous Procedures

Lymphedema management:

Lymphedema is a very common problem amongst Indian population, post cancer surgery lymphedema, specially in arms is also common. By some procedures by plastic surgeon, some relief may be provided to the patient. Local procedures and general care including drugs and pressure garments may help.

Arterio-venous fistula:

Creation of AV fistula is necessary for hemo-dialysis patients. It can be generally created under local anesthesia by a plastic surgeon. The procedure may take little time but may serve for long time the needs of kidney patients requiring dialysis.

Cleft Lip & Cleft Palate:

Primary and secondary corrections of cleft lip and palate can be frequently needed and may be staged procedures. Usually offer good results. Cleft lip scars may improve with scar revisions and lasers. Nasal voice may require surgery. Nose shape frequently needs improvement later.

Hand surgery and hand injuries:

They form a big chunk of work for some plastic surgeons. Hand injuries, hand deformities, hand muscle paralysis are areas requiring special attention. Birth hand defects including joined fingers require surgery.

Birth Defects:

Generally, birth defects of face, clefts, skin tags, loss of a face structure, birth marks and many other defects may be addressed by a senior plastic surgeon.

Birth Marks and Hemangiomas:

Lasers, surgery, staged surgeries, flap procedures grafting of tissues and some innovative techniques may have to be used in improving face substantially.

Leg Defects:

After accidental injuries is a whole new sphere to be addressed by a plastic surgeon.

Stretch mark reduction:

Is possible with lasers and some other procedures.