Laser Hair Removals

Are You Worried About the Excess Hair Growth on Your Face?  Then Use the Hair Reduction Services at Dr. Mehta’s

There is an old adage which says that one cannot arrest the growth of hunger and hair.  True, hair growth becomes more intense in those parts of the body where it is not needed.  Laser treatment has become a very popular procedure and helps women especially to overcome the problem of excessive facial hair, under arm hair or hair on the hands and legs. Hair on the chin too can be treated extremely well with the help of a laser procedure.

At Dr. Mehta’s there are qualified lady technicians who can very ably conduct the hair reduction laser procedure in different areas on the body.  Generally, depending on the thickness of the hair growth, 7-8 sittings are called for.  It is 85% women who opt for this service and the rest 15% are men who wish to get rid of the excessive hair growth on their chin and chest area.

This is how it works:

Other areas where women wish to get the treatment procedure are chin, upper lip, thighs, legs, upper body, chest and in some cases entire body too. This procedure is done without giving anesthesia and the kind of complications involved in this treatment is also minimal.  This is probably the main reason why we see that more and more women are opting for this laser treatment.

“Bikini area hair removal” can be safely undertaken and also unwanted irritating hair over female upper body especially around nipple areola can be addressed.

This procedure has become the most sought after option if you are tired of shaving, waxing or tweezing the excess and unwanted hair.  This cosmetic procedure has become a huge hit for the benefits it brings along.  Dr. Mehta has successfully handled thousands of cases so far in his career that spans into more than two and a half decades.

If you are one amongst them who wishes to put an end to daily shaving, then use the Hair Reduction Services at Dr. Mehta’s!