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Liposuction Surgery
Cost-Effective Liposuction in Ahmedabad

Get the Unbelievable Life Changing Lift from the Body Shaping Liposuction Surgery at Dr. Devesh Mehta’s!

Body Shaping Liposuction Surgery

Have you been upset about a particular part of your body with its shape or size? You have been frantically trying to reduce in that specific area but all your efforts are going in vain? Numerous problem areas may turn out to be tension-prone reasons for many people.

You may be upset about your sagging breasts or your sagging abs which is a common feature after childbirth (in the case of women). You may have sagging arms or huge arms which you have felt conscious about. You may be having a double chin, huge thighs, heavy bust, calves, a lipoma that you wish to get rid of, a neck, and of course not to forget a huge butt too. This surgery helps in slimming your body and reduces the fat from a particular area or body part.

At Dr. Devesh Mehta's you can get a correction of all these parts and many more too. If you are worried about a huge butt, the Brazilian Butt Lift is a choice wherein the fat is removed from the butt which in turn gives a perfect shape to the hips.

“Non-surgical lipo” “fat dissolve” or “lipo dissolve” offers an attractive option: Here, fat dissolving injection with/without cavity slimming and radio frequency procedure scan offer good improvement as an outdoor procedure. Generally, local modest fat collections are addressed in this way: Classical areas are Chin, Love handles, Brassiere strap areas, arms, and lower tummy(small collections).

Liposuction surgery is a cosmetic surgery that helps remove excess fat from different parts of the body and gives them the perfect shape. This procedure helps in weight loss and the procedure is carried out by making tiny cuts in the specific area and blunt-tipped tubes that are thin and small are inserted into the cuts. Then, through these tubes, fat is suctioned out. With a whole lot of developments witnessed in the cosmetic surgery arena, liposuction has become less painful, easier, and a safer procedure too.

However, the doctor decides upon the safety limits for the fat removal. The number of sittings too is finalized by the doctor. Most of the major liposuctions are carried out only after giving general anesthesia to the patient. As the incidence of complications is quite low, you may seriously contemplate this body-shaping liposuction surgery to correct your figure and regain your confidence.

Liposuction or liposuction surgery of the tummy, arms, chin, calves, thighs, hips(Butts), back, breasts, neck, saddle bags, brassiere strap areas, love handles, face, lipoma, etc. can have a good effect on body shape and psyche. “Shaping” of all these areas: thighs, tummy, arms and back in particular, may be done.

Obesity may be addressed by liposuction as well as tummy tuck surgeries. Obesity reduction, obesity management, obesity surgery, obesity treatment, and body fat reduction: all fall into this group of surgeries.

Specific mention may be made for double chin liposuction, chin reduction, double chin surgery, and double chin removal as the case may be: caused by aging of simple fat collection. Similarly, love handle reduction, love handle liposuction, etc. may be carried out, at times under local anesthesia in co-operative patients.

Saddle bags are the areas genetically decided and liposuction may be mandatory as dieting and exercises are not likely to work for this area! Again, in local anesthesia in some patients!!

With hanging loose skin in the tummy area: tummy tuck, mini tummy tuck, abdominoplasty, and mini abdominoplasty may not only improve shape but help reduce stretch marks in the excised skin. Small limited liposuction in the lower tummy may be done as a “Lunchtime liposuction” procedure under local anesthesia.

Here is how it works:

If skin hangs after liposuction, it needs to be excised and then the procedures are called: arm-plasty, hip-plasty, thigh-plasty, etc.

Pressure garments are a must after tummy tuck, liposuction, body shaping, and lipoplasty procedures. Liposuction costs may vary widely. However, looking at the health and cosmetic benefits it is insignificant.

“Sagging arms”, “huge arms”, “huge tummy”, “ugly tummy”, “huge butts”, “hanging tummy”, and “ugly arms” are now obsolete terms with these body shaping procedures. A very small improvement in young individuals may be done by non-surgical lipo-dissolve procedures.

Consult Dr. Devesh Mehta to learn more about your specific problem area and whether Liposuction can be the right choice for you!