Lunch time Liposuction

In the modern era, nobody has plenty of time. Everybody wants quick result.

Fat reduction is a problem which requires adhering to exercise and diet programs. This may not be possible for all.

But, certain collection of fat is amenable to removal under local anesthesia (numbing the part) as lunch time procedures.

Of course, a thorough pre-operative check-up is undertaken. And the select procedure is offered to the right candidates.

  1. Double Chin
  2. Brassiere strap area fat collection
  3. Love Handles
  4. Banana Roles
  5. Inner thighs
  6. Breast Tail area.
  7. Arm Slimming
  8. Saddle bags in select cases.
  9. Select pseudo-gynecomastia
  10. Jowls.
  11. Select Lipomas (Benign fat collections)
  12. Select calf fat
  13. Some lower tummy collections.

Pressure garments is a must after all procedures. Individual may be back to work quickly.