Oculoplastic Surgery

Problems around your eyes?  Warts, moles and molluscums on eyelids?  Get rid of them with a Perfect Oculoplastic Surgery at Dr. Mehta’s!

As time flies, there are bound to be a range of bodily changes setting in.  A few people can take it in their stride but there are a few others who cannot take the same thing with grace.  They resort to cosmetic procedures as it will help them in retaining the youthful look.  Of course, the reasons for such a choice may be professional in a few cases and may be demands of the industry in which one is a part of.  In order to cater to this specific segment of the population, Dr. Devesh Mehta is offering Oculoplastic Surgery.

As time flies, people age. This time also brings in a lot of change in the elasticity and firmness of the skin.  We find the eyelids sagging, eyebrows sagging and warts and moles developing around the eyes. All such developments can mar the look which you may not feel extremely pleasant about. However, with the help of Oculoplastic surgery one can definitely tackle these problems and many more too and still look as fresh as a jasmine.  This surgery is mostly opted by women…you know for what reasons!

Oculoplastic Surgery

This surgery is performed around the eyes and not on the eye and hence requires the expertise of a cosmetic surgeon.  The surgery involves extraction of excess fat from the eyelid area and thereby corrects the droopy eyelid picture.  This surgery encompasses a range of surgical procedures which involve the eyelids, eye socket, the face and the tear ducts.

If you are one of those who wishes to get a corrective procedure around your eyes, do consult Dr. Mehta who is an expert in the field and has helped many people get better appearance through his services.  Ptosis, eyebrow lift and surgery, peri-orbital aging, wart, mole, molluscums over eyelids, xanthelasma eyelids and cosmetic blepheroplasties are a few of the many procedures conducted here.